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Welcome to our terms and conditions page. It’s important that you read and understand what we’ve written as it sets out what you can expect from us when you use this Site and vice versa.

By entering Our Site you are accepting these terms and conditions.

We do change these terms and conditions from time to time and so you must always visit this page to see what changes we’ve made each time you visit us – we’ll assume that you have.


These terms and conditions are meant to form the basis of the relationship between us and both you and we agree to be bound by what they say.


The following words have the following meanings:


Funky Planet Ltd / Funky International UK, a company registered in England whose registered office is at

Unit 36 Enterprise City Meadowfield Spennymoor DL16 6JH,

You are a client of Funky Planet Ltd

Account means the account you create with us if you register as a user with the Site.

Service means the Subscription service we offer through the Site.

Hub means the specific location that we offer you for the receipt of deliveries

Fee means the fee charged by Funky International UK for the use of the website.

Prohibited Products See the schedule at the end of these terms and conditions.



3.1 To make use of one of our website you must supply us with the following information:

3.1.1 your full name;

3.1.2 your email address.

3.2 You warrant that:

3.2.1 the information that you supply to us is accurate, complete and true and you agree that we are not responsible for any losses you sustain as a result of any errors in that information

3.2.2 if the information you have given us changes at any time whilst the Subscription is current you will advise of the change.

3.3 If we reject your request to use a Hub then we will notify you by email and refund the Fee to you within 14 days of the date you paid us the Fee.

3.4 You accept and agree that there may be times when the Hub is not available or reliable – such as with snow, floods and illness. In those times, we will do our best to make sure that we communicate the status.



You agree that:

4.1 You will have only one Account with us.

4.2 You won’t use robots, spiders, scrapers or similar things on the Site.

4.3 You won’t try to get around any things we put on the Site to stop or limit access to parts of it.

4.4 You won’t do anything that might cause our systems to crash.

4.5 You won’t steal the Site or any part of it for use in any other site or application.

4.6 You won’t try to modify, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any programs we use in connection with this Site or the services it offers.

4.7 You won’t copy, imitate or use the trademarks and/or designs and/or layout or anything else which would usually amount to intellectual property and which we own.



5.1 You will:

5.1.1 use the website only on the times and dates we specify on the Site;

5.1.2 use the website for the person/entity which you have registered with us.

          If you use a different name all deliveries to Funky International system in that name will be refused;

5.1.3 not sublet your use of the Hub or assign or transfer your rights to use it;

5.1.4 not contact or attempt to contact the hub directly until you receive the Confirmation;

5.1.5 ensure that all deliveries comply with the weights and dimensions published from time to time on the Site; and

5.1.6 make proper arrangements for your own health and safety when collecting or making any delivery.

5.2 You warrant that:

5.2.1 you have full power and authority to use our website;


You agree that:

6.1 we will update you with any changes our services  

6.2 to apply best efforts to maintaining the service described here

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