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Funky International will help you grow

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All services are customised to your needs

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  • Funky International offers comprehensive logistics services such as the implementation and preparation of goods on FBA Amazon for the British, German, French, Spanish and Spanish market. 

  • Funky International is available for all of your packing requirements. 

  • We offer a friendly, personal service at an affordable, competitive rate and will assist you from the beginning to the end. 


We have a delivery option to suit every customer. We regularly work with most of the major domestic parcel carriers for international parcel services.

  • Worldwide delivery options with tracking

  • Choice of UK parcel delivery options

  • Fully customised Service 

  • First-class storage facilities in the UK

  • We offer highly secure storage.

  • Funky International has the answer to all of your storage needs, with conveniently located storage facilities in the UK. Our highly secure storage facilities are perfect for storing any of your possessions. Our storage facilities can accommodate a wide range of items for any amount of time, giving you total peace of mind that your possessions are safe at all times.

  • Whether you need storage space, we have a storage unit to suit your requirements.

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We pride ourselves on our open and flexible services.

 Whatever your needs, whether long-term support or a short-term helping hand,

we are always happy to discuss your needs.


What we do

Funky International is a tech-powered, e-commerce fulfillment company based in the United Kingdom that offers end-to-end solutions for cross-border eCommerce businesses. We are helping companies to ship orders around the globe.

Our services include:

Our rates are simple. We only charge for 3 things.

Pick & Pack, Storage and Shipping.

  • storage

  • order fulfilment

  • returns solutions  









Adrian is one of the founders of Funky International.

He has been successfully developing the company from the very first days.

Adrian is active in international markets and is effective in negotiating with couriers and platforms.

Adrian is responsible for the optimisation of costs in Funky International.

Adrian completed his higher education in the UK and gathered extensive professional experience in the British market, which translates into the good of the company.

Małgorzata and Adrian are the founders of Funky International.

Extremely focused on the company's development, she introduces ideas for its development.

On a daily basis, Małgorzata deals with aspects of development, sales and cost optimization.

Like Adrian, she gained her higher education and professional experience in Great Britain.

Małgorzata's goals are development and effective optimization of activities in order to achieve the best results.



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Phone:  +48 505947098


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